Monday, September 20, 2010

Update on Derek

For all you family members out there and people who care Derek has been in Nicaragua for a couple of weeks now. Here are a few things he wrote in his last letter. I love reading his letters because it really helps me realize just how lucky we are living where we live and having all the things we have. Here is his email address if any of you want to write him.

I just have a standard toilet in our house. Most people have out houses just a hole you squat over. So having a toilet is a pretty good luxary. The food isnt bad. Its pretty plain. Its gallo pinto always and usually an egg or chicken. We had sardines the other day and i didnt like them at all. I sucked them down though. I feel bad because everyone is really poor. I felt bad because one of the sons of the family that cooks for us asked how much my tie cost and i said 15-20 bucks and he went crazy. 1 dollar is 20 pesos. Most people live off of less then what my tie cost. I felt so bad. I try not to tell people what things cost anymore. Dont be surprised if you are watching national geographic and its talking about native people who are crazy, and then you see me walking in the background. because thats how i feel here. I stand out like crazy.Ya its defenetly different here. Im trying to stay motivated and have a good attitude, buts its hard sometimes when you cant say what you want to say, but its getting better. Im starting to understand more and more everyday. The family that cooks for us are really good at helping me out. There son just got back from his mission to Honduras and he knows a little english so that helps. Also I have been reading the BOM in spanish and english. It really helps to see the contrast between how things are said. Over all its getting better. We have 3 families that we are consentrating on. They are the poorest out of all are investigators. One family lives in a runoff area. So there house is always flooded. They have a dirt floor, so its strait mud in there house. They have boards on the ground to walk on but that is it. They have a lot of faith though and they are very humble. The father was at church yesterday, but his wife and kids werent. I guess the kid was sick so she had to stay home. Were going to try to get them all to church next sunday. The other family is pretty poor to. Not as poor but pretty poor. The father and the kids were at church, but not the wife. I dont think she is really into it, but we are going to work on her this week. This other family we have been teaching, is either never there or tells us to come by later, but earlier this week the brother of the wife was there and he had read the whole packet that we left for them, he had a ton of questions and my companion answered them pretty good i think. As we were leaving he said that he thinks that this is the true church. We havent talked to him since because he has work. Were going to try to talk with him this week. They live on top two huge hills. Its wierd you walk up a huge hill and then up another hill. It kinda sucks but its not to bad. I have been expieriencing the buses. They are crazy. We had to go to another city because my companion is a district leader and he had to ask baptismail questions. It was about a three hour bus ride. I had to stand both ways because there were so many people. It was packed i couldnt move. They drive crazy too. Passing cars and stuff like that. I was in one coming back from an appointment, and the bus driver just mowed over a dog. The dogs dont move because i guess cars go around. So this bus driver just plowed it. Busses are pretty crazy. Well anyway everything is going good. Im learning a lot and working hard.

Love Elder Mclaws


Nate and Erin Russell said...

holy crap! either derek is really, REALLY tall, or that guy is extremely short!!!! seriously, i remember helping you babysit that little kid...

Mom of Mix Kids said...

Wow! WOW! and WOW again! I just love what missionaries do and what they give up to serve.